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The Department of Geosciences focuses on research and education dealing with the nature, genesis, and history of the Earth and its crust, and with the evolution of the environment and biota at the Earth's surface.

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Geosciences offers a BS in Geosciences. At the graduate level, the Department offers a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geosciences, and Economic Geology Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree. The majority of our admitted MS and PhD graduate students are provided funding, either through fellowships, or research and teaching assistantships. PSM students are expected to have outside sources of support.

The MS program is designed to train students for work in industry; local, state, or federal government programs; or as teachers, especially in the community college setting. This program also serves as a foundation for the PhD level. The MS degree consists of 30 units, a final thesis or prepublication article, and a public presentation requirement.

The PhD program is designed for students who plan to work in research-oriented capacities in the academic community, in industry, or in government. Qualified students with a BS degree or a MS degree may be accepted into the PhD program. The PhD degree consists of 63 units, oral and written comprehensive exams, and a final dissertation and defense.

The PSM program is a post-graduate education and training program designed to provide geologists with the technical and leadership skills required by mineral industries around the globe. Candidates are usually professionals who have a Bachelor's degree in Geosciences or a related field and a job in the minerals industry but wish to obtain further education and training that will allow them to compete globally with other professionals for career-track positions leading to management opportunities. The PSM degree program offers four different emphasis areas (degree tracks) that can be tailored to the individual interest of the student and involves two semesters of residence at the University of Arizona.


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