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The Mathematics Department has multiple missions and focuses within the University and the academic world.  We seek to expand the boundaries of knowledge in mathematics and in mathematics education through excellence in research.  In addition we provide training and education in the many areas of mathematics ranging from foundations that are relevant to nearly all of the undergraduates at the University to more advanced mathematics needed by those pursuing degrees in technical fields to training for those planning to pursue careers in mathematics.  We are also very significantly involved in outreach activities to the wider community, especially to teachers of mathematics in K-12 and their students. 

The Mathematics Department offers two undergraduate degrees, a B.S. and a B.A in mathematics as well as two minors, one in mathematics and the other in mathematics education.  Those pursuing a bachelor's degree choose among several different options based on their interests and career objectives.  The Mathematics Department also offers both a Ph.D. and an M.S. in mathematics where students train to become independent researchers with a broad and deep knowledge of modern mathematics.  Please click through from the menu on the left to get details about programs and assessments for the undergraduate and graduate mathemtics programs. 

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