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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Undergraduate Programs

Exit Interviews and Surveys

Each semester, graduating seniors are strongly encouraged to complete both an exit interview and an exit survey. The student may choose to participate in a voluntary verbal exit interview organized by the Department’s Program Coordinator. Selected faculty and staff are invited. The interview format is a group setting, and if feasible a luncheon may be arranged. Whether or not the student participates in the verbal exit interview, he/she is also strongly encouraged to complete a written survey. Both online and paper versions of this survey are available; either can be completed anonymously.

In both the written survey and the exit interview, students are asked to reflect on a variety of topics, such as: the content of courses required of Chemistry or Biochemistry majors, what they liked and disliked about various instructional approaches, the classroom and laboratory environments that facilitate or hinder learning, the nature of assignments that foster student learning, the educational value of laboratory classes and directed research.

Results from both the exit interviews and surveys are compiled and the major findings are presented to departmental faculty and teaching staff. This effort provides an on-going, student-based assessment of the undergraduate curriculum and suggestions for program revision and improvement.

Samples of these surveys are provided at the links below.

Note: A newly added CBC student exit survey was recently created. Spring 2010 is our first use of this particular survey.

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