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Neuroscience and Cognitive Science


The Department of Neuroscience and the Cognitive Science Program are founding academic units in the new School of Mind, Brain and Behavior, which is part of the College of Science. 
Neuroscience provides students with training in the scientific study of nervous systems. The field encompasses the anatomy, behavioral functions, biochemistry, development, evolution, genetics, pharmacology, and physiology of nervous systems as well as biologically inspired robotics and prosthetics, computational modeling, and mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric diseases.  

Cognitive Science focuses on the study of intelligent behavior from multiple perspectives, including philosophy (knowledge representation, logic), psychology (basic human cognition, perception, and performance), computer science (computational theory, artificial intelligence, and robotics), linguistics (theories of language structure), and cognitive neuroscience (brain mechanisms for intelligent behavior).   

Together, the units are launching a new undergraduate program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.  At the graduate level, students can complete a Ph.D. minor in Cognitive Science, and also a Ph.D. in Neuroscience through the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program.

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