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Student Learning, Retention and Graduation

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Student Affairs participates in muliple activities which support student learning, retention and graduation.  The THINK TANK is the newest of the Student Affairs innovations designed to support student learning.  The THINK TANK provides tutoring, supplemental instruction and other student requested services to improve academic understanding and performance.  Student Affairs is an integral partner in the development of the offering classes in Centennial Hall, providing a variety of support services for students in Centennial Hall classes.  Student Affairs provides grants to faculty to increase student/faculaty interaction known to improve the teaching experience for instructors and to enhance the learning experience for students.

Learning Services Survey 2009 - Executive Summary

The learning services survey completed in spring 2009 provided critical information to inform the development of a new model of learning services for the campus. The survey provided information on the types of services students were currently using, cross tabbed with year of study and/or classification. It also uncovered their thoughts on where/how they would like to access services. The survey provided information as well on what additional services students would like available to support their learning and academic success at UA. To read more about this survey go to the Learning Services Link below.

Learning Services 

Arizona Assurance

An initiative of Student Affairs on behalf of the President of the university is a financial aid and retention support service program established in 2008.  The first full cohort began school in fall 2009.  For more complete information of the program link to .  For information on the research and assessment go to the page referenced below.

Arizona Assurance Assessment

New Start Summer Program

New Start is a comprehensive, six-week summer bridge program designed to help incoming freshman succeed in the transition from high school to college. Through academic classes, college success workshops, tutoring and peer mentoring, program participants are able to experience the expectations and opportunities of being a University student in a fun and comfortable environment. 

New Start Summer Program: Incoming Student Comparative Analysis
By Dr. Nolan L. Cabrera & Dr. Jeffrey F. Milem, Center for the Study of Higher Education, College of Education

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