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The THINK TANK at the Student Academic Learning Center


The Think Tank vision is to support student development for college and beyond. The mission of the Think Tank is to empower UA students by providing a positive environment where they can master the skills needed to be successful lifelong learners.

To learn more about the Think Tank, please visit them online at:

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

Students will access appropriate services when they are needed.
Students will make satisfactory progress as they advance in their degree.

Students will take increasing academic responsibility for their own actions.
Students will be able to describe their strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
Students will adapt and strengthen their use of various academic strategies.
Students will improve their attitudes toward their academic abilities.

Assessment Activities: 

The results of the program outcomes will be presented to the Think Tank staff early, and frequent in an attempt to provide meaningful formative feedback to improve programs on-the-fly. The purpose of these outcomes is to demonstrate appropriate usage amongst users early in the development of the Think Tank.

After the first year, the assessment team will report on the development of a learning survey for the incoming class. This survey will provide the opportunity to study longitudinal effects of relative impact when students engage in the Think Tank services.  Cumulative impact, the impact of multiple services on the retention and graduation of students, will also be of interest in the coming year.  The results from the student learning outcomes are meant demonstrate student development over time.

Combined, the data from program and learning outcomes provides the opportunity to learn more about who is using the services and how they are developing as students. Results will be shared with the Think Tank staff, faculty senate, student representatives and executive campus leadership. During this feedback process, any and all actions needed to improve the services and increase students achievement will be integrated.

Supplemental Instruction

Satisfaction Survey

End of Semester Usage Report - Fall 2009

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