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Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL)


The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL) is the programs and activities unit of the Arizona Student Unions. The mission of the center is to provide quality involvement and leadership opportunities for all University of Arizona Students. Assessment projects are conducted across CSIL units to evaluate effectiveness of programs and services.

CSIL has five distinct divisions that include Campus Activities, Commuter Student Affairs, Greek Life, Leadership, and Student Organizations. The work of all five divisions is focused on the mission of CSIL - student learning through involvement and leadership. Each unit designs and implements a minimum of three assessment projects annually, with a published report written in the fall semester.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 


Involvement is considered the degree in which a student is immersed in the campus community taking advantage of learning opportunities outside the classroom. Leadership is the degree to which students understand and are able to apply theory and skills to real-life situations.

  • Students will seek and maintain involvement opportunities through CSIL.
  • Students involved in CSIL programs are more involved than the average UA student.
  • Students demonstrate understanding of leadership concepts and theory.
  • Students are able to apply leadership theory and skills to real-life situations.
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