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Anthropology -Shared Program

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The Bachelors of Arts Degree in Anthropology is a degree that will prepare students for a variety of careers in teaching, international development, foreign services, ethnography, archeology and forensic anthropology will utilize the skills learned. Anthropology is a major that can lead to numerous professional schools including medicine, law, business, journalism, social work and international affairs. Classes cover a variety of subjects, including how humans and human societies evolve, differences and similarities among human cultures, and the cultural and biological basis for human behavior. Classes are available for this degree in a variety of locations for a traditional classroom setting as well as online classes for increased flexibility.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

As a Shared Program, the Program uses the same Expected Learning Outcomes as the Main Campus Program. The faculty is consulting with the Main Campus Program to ensure that UAS's Learning Outcomes are aligned. The listing for the Main Campus Program can be found at 


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