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Computer Science - Shared Program

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The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree will prepare the Computer Science students for employment in an exciting field with tremendous opportunities now and in the future as technology expands through all areas of our lives, both at home and at work. Our program is fairly traditional offering a solid foundation in programming, data structures, programming languages, systems, and theory to prepare students to either continue their studies in graduate school or enter the workforce. The strengths of the Computer Science program are curricular emphasis on the foundations of computing including both software development and theory, and excellent teaching and advising support to guide students toward graduation.  Classes for this degree are available in a variety of locations and modalities, from a traditional classroom setting to the increased flexibility of online classes. 


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

As a Shared Program, the Program uses the same Expected Learning Outcomes as the Main Campus Program.

Goal 1:  Develop Computational Solutions

a. Design, implement, test, and debug programs.

b. Understand and appropriately apply multiple computing paradigms.

c. Use software development tools.

Goal 2:  Apply Mathematical Methodologies to Solve Computational Tasks

a. Model a variety of real-world problems using appropriate data structures.

b. Select algorithms appropriate to particular purposes and apply them.

c. Understand the central concepts and skills required to design, implement, and analyze algorithms for solving problems.

Goal 3: Understand the Structure and Functioning of Software Systems

a. Have in-depth knowledge of, and ability to build, a large software system.

b. Leverage existing software systems in the development of new systems.

Assessment Activities: 

The program is currently identifying specific assessments for each of the courses/outcomes below.


Required Courses

Develop Computational Solutions

Apply Mathematical Methodologies to Solve Computational Tasks

Understand the Structure and Functioning of Software Systems


1a, 1b, 1c





2a, 2b, 2c




2a, 2b, 2c








3a, 3b

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