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Educational Technology - Unique Program

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The Master of Science in Educational Technology degree prepares students for a variety of careers in industries such as Technology Trainer, School/District Technology Coordinator, Instructional Designer for the corporate sector, Training and Development Specialist for the military, and more. Students focus on the instructional and technological aspects of computer technology to design, create, present and evaluate instructional and training content for K-12 schools as well as the military and corporate sector. The focus of this fully online program is on creative integration of graphics, animation, video, audio, text, and interactivity for educational and training settings based on principles of instructional design.

Master of Science, Educational Technology

36 Units with at least 27 units in Educational Technology, Measurement and Research Methods, and Learning Theory

I. Educational Technology (12 units)

II. Measurement and Research Methods (6 units)

III. Learning Theory (3 units)

IV. Supporting Courses/Electives (15 units)


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

ELO 1 - Professional Knowledge: Candidates will effectively apply their the knowledge to create, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.

ELO 2 - Pedagogy: Candidates apply contemporary learning, instructional design and pedagogical theories to create effective learning experiences.

ELO 3 - Learning Environments: Candidates effectively create, evaluate, and manage successful learning environments.

ELO 4 – Research: Candidates apply research skills and methodologies to advance and improve learning performance and practice.

ELO 5 - Professional Practice: In their development as reflective practitioners, candidates apply their competencies by participating within a community of practice, in their development as reflective practitioners.

The ETCV Program's Expected Learning Outcomes have been adopted from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology's AECT Standards for Professional Education Programs (2012 version)

Revised, April, 2016

Assessment Activities: 

Master of Science in Educational Technology Assessment Map

The ELOs are assessed in the following courses.

ELO 1: 598 - Capstone

ELO 2: 598 - Capstone

ELO 3: 598 - Capstone and 503 - Developing a learning environment

ELO 4: 598 - Capstone

ELO 5: 511 Learning Tech and 530 Multimedia Applications

See the attached PDF for the Assessment Map and the rubrics associated with the specific courser assignments.

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