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Family Studies and Human Development - Shared Program

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The Family Studies and Human Development program offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in FCS with a major in Family Studies and Human Development (FSHD). The program of study for the major is designed to provide students with knowledge of family processes, interpersonal relationships, and lifespan human development in addition to applied skills necessary to effectively work with, study, and advocate for children, youth, adults, and families from diverse backgrounds. Students majoring in FSHD are prepared for careers and graduate training in fields such as human services, social work, counseling, family law, health professions, and gerontology. 


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

As a Shared Program, the Program uses the same Expected Learning Outcomes as the Main Campus Program. 

The faculty consulted with the Main Campus Program (February 2017) to ensure that FSHV Learning Outcomes are in alignment with FSHD. 

Upon completing an undergraduate degree in Family Studies and Human Development students will demonstrate:

1. Broad knowledge of theories, issues, research findings, and their applications in family studies and human development. FSHD 337

2. Basic knowledge of and ability to apply statistical analysis procedures and research methods for the study of families and human development. BASV 314

3. Ability to critically analyze and evaluate theoretical perspectives and research findings in the field of family studies and human development. FSHD 447A, FSHD 487

4. Ability to communicate effectively in writing, using style appropriate to the discipline. FSHD 447A, FSHD 487

5. Effective oral communication skills for a variety of audiences. FSHV 384

6. Knowledge of ethical standards and professional practices in the field of family studies and human development and the ability to employ them effectively. FSHV 384

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