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Latin American Studies - Shared Program

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The Bachelors of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies prepares students for a variety of careers in education, anthropology, sociology, history and other liberal arts areas. The B.A. in Latin American Studies concentrates on the languages, culture, history and politics of Latin America and gives students the opportunity to develop knowledge in political science, geography and Spanish-American literature. Upon graduation students leave the program ready for graduate study or to enter the job market in a diversity of fields. Classes are available for this degree in a variety of locations and modalities, from traditional classroom settings to the flexibility of online classes.


Expected Learning Outcomes: 

As a Shared Program, the Program uses the same Expected Learning Outcomes as the Main Campus Program. The faculty is consulting with the Main Campus Program to ensure that UAS's Learning Outcomes are aligned. The faculty at UA South are currently discussing whether to continue offering this plan.

Updated date: Mon, 07/02/2018 - 17:06